Before & After – The First Floor Bath

I think that our first floor bathroom may have been one of my favorite transformations. It was a gross and dark little hole in the wall before and now it is a cheery spot at the end of our hallway. I love the dark grey paint we ended up with and the pop of color from our new shower curtain (a steal on Amazon for $25).

The original bathroom.

The original bathroom.

Part of the renovation was to rearrange the bathroom layout and move the sink to the same wall as the toilet. Doing so opened up the space and makes it seem much larger.

The bathroom now.

The bathroom now.

The gray tile in this room was one of our best finds. It was on sale for less than $1 at Home Depot. I originally wanted a white ceramic tile, but I think that the darker color is a better choice for our first floor bathroom, especially since it is right off the kitchen and near the back door. I think it will get a lot of foot traffic and this floor will show much less dirt!

The mirror over the sink was another great find at Home Goods!

The mirror over the sink was another great find at Home Goods!



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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! What a transformation!

  2. That tile was a steal! Tile can be so unexpectedly expensive.

  3. Super cheery. :)


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