Anniversaries and Traditions

My friend (although we’ve never actually met I’m convinced we’d be real life friends so I’m claiming her), Natalie, from Little Things and Big Stuff, is writing a fabulous series on her blog this month called This Sweet Love. You should check it out.

Tonight, Mr. Thirdrow and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary (a bit late) with a fancy steak dinner cooked in our new kitchen by Mr. Thirdrow himself. It was a different kind of anniversary – no spectacular vacation or dressy dinner date – but I have no complaints. Our sweet baby boy is asleep upstairs and we shared a lovely meal with each other in our beautiful new home. I love my husband and I couldn’t imagine a life without him. As long as he’s across the table from me I’m a happy camper.


I am a girl who loves traditions. Loves them. Seriously. So, I was delighted last year when my non-tradition-loving husband suggested we keep an anniversary journal. Each year we take turns writing out a record of our year.


We have a set list of things we record every year:
– our address
– our cars
– our jobs
– our pets
– places we’ve visited this year
– anniversary gifts
– a timeline of our year

This year we added two categories:
– how we celebrated our anniversary
– our children


We take turns passing the book back and forth and writing out our memories. 364 days a year it just sits on a shelf but once a year it helps us to reflect and remember. I think it will be a gem for our grandchildren to read, too!

How do you celebrate your anniversary? What are your traditions?

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  1. Hi. Long time reader first time reply…er… We don’t have anniversary traditions but we have two traditions that we began the first year we were married. One is keeping a travel journal. This has become much harder with children. We include in the journal details of life between trips as well as what we hope our future will look like and steps to make it happen. The second tradition is that my hubby obtains flowers for me sometime around Super Bowl Sunday. We call it flower bowl. It is a thank you for putting up with a year of sports.

  2. I love the anniversary journal idea! So sweet!

    Our traditions just seem to evolve rather than develop through planning. And they’re just silly little wonderful things like greeting each other exuberantly/funnily at the front door or first thing in the morning when the other spouse has just woken up. :) We’re super mature, I know.

  3. Jeanne Marie

     /  October 30, 2013

    Love it. I think you get some of your tradition loving genes from me – happy they make you happy! And, yes, your grandchildren will love your journal. Love, Mom

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