Renovation Diary: Entry #2


We got to go into the house yesterday to talk through some layout decisions with our contractor and I’m excited to say that the project is coming along swimmingly. The guys working on our house are doing a marvelous job! It already feels totally different on the inside. The smell of old dog and neglect is gone along with the carpet, several walls, two kitchens and a couple bathrooms.

Remember that lovely first floor bath? She’s gutted and ready to roll now.

IMG_2408The bright orange wall that was hiding our dining room is gone!


They’ve cleared out the kitchen that was there and are making room for new appliances and cabinets (to be picked out at the end of this week!).


And they added a new wall on the second floor to create a bedroom for our Wild Thing.

IMG_2404After seeing what they can accomplish in a week, I’m stoked to see where things are at by the end of the month!

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  1. Holy cow! I’m impressed!


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